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Hunger Hunt

Hunger Hunt

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Welcome to an exciting world of amphibian adventure with our Ribbit Runaround Game! Designed to delight children and families alike, this game promises hours of entertainment and laughter.

Join the fun as players race against the clock to feed their hungry frogs! With colorful lily pads and a collection of colorful snacks.


  • 🐸 Boost Motor Skills - Engage your little one in an exciting challenge! Feed The Frogs is designed to enhance hand-eye coordination and fine-tune motor skills. The race to feed the frogs is a source of entertainment as well as an active and dynamic activity that promotes quick thinking and skill development.
  • 🐸 Perfectly Harmless - Safety is paramount! With soft, rounded edges, Feed The Frogs ensures a completely safe play experience for your child. Crafted from premium materials, each component undergoes stringent safety checks, providing you with the confidence that this game prioritizes your child's well-being.
  • 🐸 Best Gift - Searching for the ideal gift for any occasion? Look no further! Feed The Frogs is an instant hit among little ones, making it perfect for family bonding nights, slumber parties, or as the highlight of birthday celebrations. The infectious enthusiasm accompanying this classic party game brings smiles and laughter, creating lasting memories for both children and adults.
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